10 powerful educational videos

By on November 29, 2017

Without even thinking about it, I realised I have gathered, in the same place, some inspirational videos related to education. These videos are for you, for your soul and for those around you. Please don’t forget to share them with others. 

Life skills in Japanese schools

I was simply amazed to see how these guys are taking care of the school…

Children in Japan clean their own schools.

Most Japanese schools do not employ janitors or custodians.You can watch more about this here – https://goo.gl/8gJWxn (AJ+) and here – https://goo.gl/1pSTt7 (Cafcu)

Posted by DailySocial on 30 Ianuarie 2017

About the importance of teachers in student’s life

If you don’t believe that teachers can change a child’s life, then watch this!

Finding Connections

Teachers can change a child’s life.

Posted by Edutopia on 22 Octombrie 2017

About inspiration

Some people inspire us through the things they create, no matter they culture or beliefs. Just have a look at this beautiful inspiration!

African Canvas 📷 Margaret Courtney-Clarke"My objective in this work is to document an extraordinary art form – vernacular art and architecture in West Africa – that is not transportable and therefore not seen in museums around the world. It is an attempt to capture the unseen Africa, a glimpse into the homes and into the spirit of very proud and dignified peoples. In much the same way as I photographed the art of Ndebele women, I have drawn on my personal affinity for the art itself, for methods, design and form, rather than the socio-anthropological or political realities of a people or continent in dilemma. These images portray a unique tradition of Africa, a celebration of an indigenous rural culture in which the women are the artists and the home her canvas.Margaret Courtney-Clarke, 1990"http://bit.ly/2pt2uJG

Posted by Art, Craft & Architecture on 7 Mai 2017

Schools in Finland

I guess you already heard about it. You should also see it.

Finland is designing the perfect school

Education without the boundaries. Read more: http://wef.ch/2ybBXXD

Posted by World Economic Forum on 10 Octombrie 2017

Premature babies

Maybe more as an experiment, the video shows how crocheted octopuses are bringing comfort to premature babies.

How crocheted octopus are bringing comfort to premature babies…

How crocheted octopuses are bringing comfort to premature babies at this Dublin hospital.

Posted by RTÉ News on 15 Noiembrie 2017

Boys and girls in computer science

The message is very simple – IT is cultural. Just watch the video and you will understand.

The truth about women in computer science

Are women worse than men at computer science?Spoiler alert: No!(via Piper)

Posted by Rebel Girls on 15 Noiembrie 2017

The volunteer baby buddy

Yes, this grandpa proves there is still good and love in the world. I think I’ve seen it 10 times already.

Grandpa Comforts Babies in the NICU

This grandpa proves there's still good in the world

Posted by NowThis on 1 Octombrie 2017

Nice feeling inside

This video is about always seeing the bright part of the things. About other kind of language and human beings 🙂

Deaf Grandmother Teachers Her Granddaughter Sign Language

Anyone else feeling all gooey inside? ❤️

Posted by 97.3FM on 19 Aprilie 2017

Teach kids how to grow food

And maybe more and more schools should do this…

More schools should teach kids how to grow food.

Posted by ATTN: on 30 Mai 2017

Career orientation

Don’t know what are you good at? Maybe you will find some inspiration through this video..

Meet 89-Year-Old Alla Illyinichna, World’s Oldest Surgeon

At 89, she's more active than most of us!

Posted by ScoopWhoop Good News on 7 Mai 2017


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