2016 School trends

By on August 2, 2016

I was just searching on the internet examples of unusual educational spaces and schools  when I discovered some really special examples of 2016 school trends around the world! Here is a shortlist with 2016 school trends around the world that will inspire you. Enjoy it!

Ballet School for the blind in Brazil

This project is absolutely fantastic! Here, children are learning how to dance ballet in Brazil’s first ballet school for the blind. This project gives me the confidence that there are people who really care about others needs so they come up with solutions in order to help them. This is one of this kind of initiatives and I consider it an example of how we can Teach One World! Here you can see a short video about the school.

jamie mink - 2016 school trends

by Jamie Mink

Intuition School

The mission of this school is to teach kids how to enhance and tap into their intuition. This is why, children are trained to see with their eyes closed, to read through touch, to smell colours and see pictures without seeing… Just have a look here.

Amy Treasure - 2016 school trends

by Amy Treasure

1000 forest schools in Germany

Germany is one of the top countries where nature is the classroom of the children, especially when we talk about early years education. I was absolutely fascinated to see this video and understand how important is the nature in the children’s educational learning process.

by Annie Spratt

by Annie Spratt

Forest Kids Early Learning – Forest School, Canada

Forest Kids Early Learning is a forest school in Canada, where children aged 3 months to 12 years old are encouraged to experience science, nature, music, art, movement and most important play and fun! More info about the project here.


Forest School, Romania

I was absolutely impressed to see that near Brașov, Romania, has been opened the first forest school. Maybe more relevant is to mention that were opened only 16 places for children and that more than 50 applications were sent! So, I believe that Romania is ready for some changes in the educational sector. More about Forest School Romania, here.

About 2016 school trends

I have emphasized only some examples, but I believe that these are really relevant trends for what school is going to be and for what the real needs of the children are. It’s the time to go back to the roots. Education is everything, education is everywhere.

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