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By on January 21, 2016

For a person to be fulfilled one needs education and because I understand this message I know how important it is to send it across and would like everybody to be aware of it.

I’ve already told you that I’ve studied and I am still studying abroad, getting in contact with a variety of different people. This is my life chance to understand what difference means, to see the cultural variety, to understand the social needs of each culture, to be aware of each country religious beliefs.

But how many of us have this opportunity at least once in his/her life?!

I am writing this article to make you aware of the existence of the international education concept, to define and make my 2016 vision understandable.


We can have two different approaches of this concept.

The first one is related to an education that transcends national borders by the exchange of people like student exchange programs, studies abroad and international experiences. We already have two similar experiences exposed on my personal blog: Irina’s experience in Egypt and Vlad’s experience in Russia.

The second approach of the international education concept is related to “education that intentionally prepares students to be active and engaged participants in an interconnected world.” It’s related to a global mindset and global skills that offer us knowledge and awareness of other cultures and world regions. Because of this, I’ve created Teach One World community.

In my opinion, maybe the most important thing is that international education supposes dispositions towards respect and concern for other cultures and people.


This worldwide vision facilitates an international understanding which stops the wars and give people a better understanding about each other. I believe that, for a better future, international education through tolerance it’s the key. And I hope that all my posts here will contribute, step by step, to a brighter future of this planet.

So, I start my new year of blogging about education with this vision – international education. What does international education mean to you?!

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