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By on May 16, 2017

How Can Technology Foster Global Tolerance

Going back to technology, I tried to identify some meaningful ways of how technology can actually help us.

Driven by technology, the world we live in is rapidly removing borders and changing the way all of us communicate and interact. I see this in my classroom, at my school, on my Facebook page, within my group of friends, everywhere!  Now, everything can be done from your computer, without going there, through a single click.  All of my friends are, most of the time, engaged in this virtual world.

by Alvaro Serrano

More Than A Pen Friend

Through the Edutopia platform I found out more about IVECA (Intercultural Virtual Exchange of Classroom Activities). This is something pretty amazing: students all over the world can connect with a simple right click from their classrooms. They can find out more about each other, and see what are other children/countries/cultures are interested in.

Each child has a peer with whom they share presentations on different topics. Another interesting fact is that in between presentations, students communicate regularly through emails, photos, and audio recorded messages. This way, they learn the similarities and differences between themselves and students overseas.

Social Media, Teach One World

by Tim Gouw

Fostering Cultural Understanding

There are many more organizations now that support these kinds of experiences based on cultural exchange, like: Asia Society, Digital Promise, iEARN, Global Nomads Group, Global Scholars. For example,  Global Education Conference is a free, week-long online event and international network that also facilitates global classroom connections. The platform currently claims to have 24,000 members from more than 170 countries.

Can you just imagine how powerful and meaningful it can be for students all over the world? Of course you can say that there are communities or countries that do not have access to internet so easily, but maybe it’s time to start somewhere. 

by Fiztk Alexander Dummer

Below is a quote that captured my attention through its simple, but meaningful message. You can read more about these educational technology related programmes here.

When students are doing meaningful work together, they understand that people from other countries aren’t that different from them. Students may look different, but they’re really dealing with the same issues; they have the same feelings. They’re more alike than different.

Source: edutopia.org

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