Hello, I am Kali, a girl passionate about education, learning new languages and fashion ( you can also see my kalircouture blog)!

From a young age, I have always been intrigued by different learning methods, and by how education varies in different parts of the world. Growing up in Switzerland, and attending a boarding school, I have been exposed to kids from all over the world who had to adjust and find their own learning styles that would benefit them the most.

Most people think of education as “information that is learned” however I always thought of it as part of my daily routine. I was always keen on learning something new everyday. With this comes my ability to speak English, French, Spanish, Romanian as well as Mandarin Chinese. Being able to communicate with different people in their own language is a skill that I have developed and very fortunate to have.

Also, I’ve been part of a lot of international experiences in the educational field that made me wonder: Is it possible to change the way children are treated and educated? What can I do? How can I improve education all over around the world? After my last experience with Teach For, I realized that the very simple thing I can do is just  to simply do it. So I came up with the idea of creating TeachOneWorld, whose aim is to become an international platform of experiences shared by me and those who went through similar experiences.

So, if you are interested about my story, if you find yourself between the lines, if you believe in my cause of changing education through raising awareness, if you want to share my posts or you just want to share ideas about education, please do not hesitate to contact me at: kaliradu12@gmail.com.

Kali Radu