Best friends

By on December 21, 2016

How would your life look like without your BFF?

Childhood friends, school friends, neighborhood friends, college friends, work friends, best friends… Actually, our entire life is based on friendships and we continuously work to build them. And this starts with childhood when we learn that ”it takes a friend to make a friend”.

by Brooke Cagle

Young children are best friends

I realized that best friends can be spotted easily among young children. They are constant companions, greeting each other short absences with smiles and hugs. And, in particular, the feelings and moments are completely different from the adult world. During childhood you experience intense moments of complicity, the desire to be united in happiness, the endless desire to be free, to play together all day long.

by Michal Janek

Growing friendships

After we grow, from the moment we start going to school, we easily choose whose company we prefer. In our early years we start to share toys with children around us. As we grow, we realize that friendship is a feeling that has no age limit and, moreover, as children we practice it spontaneously. Childhood friendship is an important emotional relationship that is part of growing independent, apart from your family, from your parents. There are tastes, experiments and games that cannot always be experienced with parents.

by Reaman Shrivastava

What friendship teaches us

A true friendship helps you face the challenges of each day: it is with friends that children learn to love each other and demonstrate this affection in a tangible manner, they learn to keep a secret and not to tell others, to protect others, sometimes by assuming blame for things that they haven’t done.

by Aidan Meyer

Friends also argue

Indeed, friends also argue, but this is an extraordinary opportunity to learn how to apologize, forgive, forget an insult and understand, thus experiencing a lot of new things together, a little closer than before.

Friends from all over the world, from childhood until today, thank you for teaching me so many things, thank you for being my friends, my best friends!


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