3 suggestions for better prepared teachers

By on December 21, 2015

I consider this article a call to action. A caregiver for this period full of thoughts and happy moments. An encouragement for those who want to start a new year with changes and new beliefs. Please, read it carefully. You may be one of them!


83 500 teachers are not prepared enough to lead and teach, affecting the students’ performance and development.

Young people should be prepared with responsibility for their teaching career, being very well paid, having  freedom in preparing lessons and in their choice of resources, books, etc., the system being slightly corseted of rules and regulations.

In Finland, teachers are holders of master’s degrees and for a position may be submitted 40 applications so that always can be chosen the best one. In Romania, most of the teachers are not well prepared to lead and teach, because of their lack of studies, practice or even values and beliefs.


I am sure we have a lot of well prepared and dedicated future teachers in Romania. Here are 3 suggestions for a better prepared teachers, in Romania. They are not related to Master Degrees or online courses. They refer to alternative solutions for each one of us, no matter the background, studies or experience.

  1. Teach for Romania

Is the best solutions for those who want to become a teacher for the primary schools. It’s a national preparatory program which recruits valuable young Romanians, train them and support them to become leaders in education.

I was part of this program and you can find out more about my experience here.

  1. OvidiuRo

Fiecare copil în grădiniță is the campaign OvidiuRo organises  together with the Ministry of Education to encourage 3-5 year old children living in poverty to regularly attend kindergarten and preschool preparatory programs. Moreover, OvidiuRo encourages every person to be a kindergarten teacher for a day. And it seems to be a real success. More about this campaign and who took part in it, here.

    3. RestartEdu

It’s an organisation that promotes education as the main tool for the development of Romania. If you have an idea for a local or national project that you believe will change something in education, if you want to meet people that are willing to change something in education, you can find them all here!



I believe that is up to us to take care of the next generation of people that will lead and teach our children. We should stop blaming others, stop blaming ourselves and become humans of change.
The best way to predict future, is to create it.


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