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There are a lot of interesting subjects to talk about when you choose as main topic education, but how can you prioritise all of them? I usually pick the themes of the articles taking into consideration my reading list, the topics I find on the internet or the topics that I like the most and […]

How Can Technology Foster Global Tolerance Going back to technology, I tried to identify some meaningful ways of how technology can actually help us. Driven by technology, the world we live in is rapidly removing borders and changing the way all of us communicate and interact. I see this in my classroom, at my school, on […]

I was just searching on the internet examples of unusual educational spaces and schools  when I discovered some really special examples of 2016 school trends around the world! Here is a shortlist with 2016 school trends around the world that will inspire you. Enjoy it! Ballet School for the blind in Brazil This project is absolutely […]

  “Every child deserves access to an excellent education!” ― Barack Obama, President of the United States 25 years of Teach for America, 25 years of impact, 15.000 alumni, corp members, staff and supporters. Its mission is to enlist, develop, and mobilize as many as possible of our nation’s most promising future leaders to grow and […]

I consider this article a call to action. A caregiver for this period full of thoughts and happy moments. An encouragement for those who want to start a new year with changes and new beliefs. Please, read it carefully. You may be one of them!   83 500 teachers are not prepared enough to lead […]

18,5% of Romanian students leave school early. How can Romania decrease the dropout rate? What if the Ministry of Education will provide books, other types of auxiliary materials and lunch?  “The rarely debated issue of school dropout in the Romanian education system requires immediate action. It is a phenomenon so widespread and so serious that […]