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Probably the most celebrated holiday in the world Maybe the most beautiful moment of the year, Christmas is now celebrated in many countries around the world no matter people are Christians or not. We all know that caroling, feasting, and gift-giving along with all the beautiful wishes give Christmas high spirits and create special moments […]

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” —Edward de Bono I know, I already told you a couple of things here, about the importance of creativity in education. This happened right after I have finished some of Ken Robinson’s books about creativity and being creative. […]

Maybe you have already seen or heard about the latest trends in the digitalization sector. I was extremely curious to see how they impact the education sector taking into consideration that they have already changed the way other domains are working for the moment, including the industrial sector, marketing and organisational development. So, after a […]

I have decided to start a post on my blog raising an important question, for you, for me, for everyone. Asking ourselves, from time to time, what is the true impact we have in the community we live in, is like going to the doctor to see if our body has all the minerals and […]

“What we think of as good manners in our culture may not be so in another,” Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick, founder and director of The Etiquette School of New York and author of The Art of the Meal: Simple Etiquette for Simply Everyone. Food and tastes around the globe Reading about the aspect of food around the […]

You might have heart of the book How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm: And Other Adventures in Parenting (from Argentina to Tanzania and everywhere)… by Mei- Ling Hopgood. I’ve recently managed to finish it and I wanted to emphasize some more things about the differences between parenting styles in different cultures. After reading the book I […]

This article, this time, is about empathy. A formal definition says that ”empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within the other person’s frame of reference, i.e., the capacity to place oneself in another’s position.” Specialists discovered that this new skill is extremely important in a world dominated […]

I continue the “around the world” series with another article that will emphasize the importance of multiculturalism. I know that winter is almost over, but it’s not entirely over. So I would like to introduce some different perspectives of how winter can look, feel and entertain you! Winter in perspective Maybe one of the hardest […]

It’s well known that libraries are essential in a process of giving citizens access to knowledge. Now, in a digital era, I believe that they are needed more than ever before. Moreover, nowadays, in a library, you will be able to borrow a print or electronic book, use free internet or even attend a course […]

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I still remember my first day of school. I think I have never been so excited starting my school life. I still keep in mind those moments and feelings when I entered the classroom for the first time. Since then I have been exposed to kids, mentalities and values from all over the world who […]