Education is not an option

By on October 4, 2015

Going back to my previous story, in the same day, at lunchtime, something that gave me another AHA moment happened! Children got a casserole of food (either a piece of chicken with potatoes, or tomatoes and beef), and I wondered why none of them finished their meal…

I asked one of the boys and he told me he had to bring back the casserole so he could feed his 3 younger siblings at home. This not only shows responsibility but deep care and love for their siblings. I was so impressed by their answer and tried to put myself in their situation: having to worry that my brothers have nothing to eat at home if I didn’t leave them any of my lunch. This wasn’t something that came easily to me, but to them it was normal because this is how they grew up and what their older siblings did to them as well.

This experience made me realize that at the end of the day any child is happy to have a loving soul talk to them and comfort them no matter through how much they are going through. Talking to these kids was an experience that not only touched me but also made me think of how lucky I am to have someone to go home and talk to, that is eager to listen to me and tell me what is good for me. I am lucky to have so many things that, maybe, sometimes I do not value enough. To be so lucky TO HAVE a family, MY FAMILY!

Not having someone that you know is there to support you through thick and thin is very uncomforting and at one point you will start feeling like your decisions are your only option. And are they your only option?!

 Education is not an option.


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