Education Trends in 2017 – 2018

By on September 11, 2017

Maybe you have already seen or heard about the latest trends in the digitalization sector. I was extremely curious to see how they impact the education sector taking into consideration that they have already changed the way other domains are working for the moment, including the industrial sector, marketing and organisational development. So, after a detailed research regarding the latest trends in education, I have selected some of the most common trends that affect the educational environment. And here is what I have found.

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Online Learning Better Than Accredited Schools

Nowadays, internet facilitates a lot the online learning process. This is why, a lot of independent online course providers have expanded their services. You can find a lot of online courses for free. Also, most of them are sustained by accredited institutions which can give you credentials or badges. Moreover, you can already see some market leaders in terms of trusted platforms that host courses among individuals and organisations.   

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Virtual and Augmented Reality

No more days where students are expected to sit quietly at their desks and listen to the teacher. Nowadays, educational technology is making learning more collaborative and interactive through the augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. These are examples of transformative technology that create fun and engaging lessons for students.  Virtual reality is bringing the outside world into the classroom and vice versa. Some examples of these kind of apps are: Unimersiv – can transport students to ancient Greece and Cospaces which allows students to share their virtual creations with the world. Specialists sustain that virtual reality has the potential to increase visual literacy, technology literacy, and attention to audience.

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Parents as partners

Specialists consider that the involvement of parents in the success of a student is crucial, starting from their very early years. Kindergartens and schools are already looking for ways to engage all families through supportive and personalized technologies and practices. Parents are more and more involved, receiving invitations to join different kind of activities as contributors and taking part in surveys, interviews or workshops. Very soon, advanced technologies will support parent engagement through visual workflow applications. I have already wrote more about this topic here

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Games and learning

Maybe all of you already heard about the concept of gamification. It has been discovered that students learn easier if the lesson is presented as a/through a game. Game-based learning is becoming crucial no matter the environment or domain, becoming a more and more controversial topic in the general field of education. Teachers are more willing to integrate these type of activities in their daily routine and children more willing to be part of.

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Siri, Cortana, and Alexa Go To School

And this is something that really catched my attention. Yes, I know a few things about Siri because I also use it at home, when I am looking for some info and so on, but I have never thought it can just be part of my educational process. All of them are conversational technologies that connect humans with data in real time. If you start searching you’ll already see a lot of articles, blog posts and conversations that search for inventive ways to use these systems for educational purposes.

If you want to imagine how these systems can be integrated, think about virtual assistants who are part of the daily classes and help the entire educational process. Actually, this can be a new way of thinking about personalized and individualized learning.

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I am sure that there are much more to add and say. You can consider this only a preview of what education has only started to become.


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