Games that improve concentration skills

By on January 18, 2018

Have you ever thought about concentration games and how can they help you? Since I was little I was fascinated about this kind of games, playing them all the time with my father and my little brother. I believe that the games that I loved the most was puzzle, because no matter the moment you started it, you can continue whenever you have time or the proper mood to do it.

Reading more about this kind of games, I discovered ways to have fun and improve your concentration skills in the same time. Moreover, I believe that schools and parents should seriously take into consideration this kind of interactive activities in order to improve their children skills. It is well known that we have some serious issues regarding children with attention deficit disorder. (for more info check out these statistics)

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What do you think pizza boxes, paper bags, and fancy napkins have in common? Well, you might know it — yes, origami! Maybe one of the games that challenge you the most in term of concentration, origami, the ancient art of paper folding, has real applications in the modern-day classroom for teaching geometry, thinking skills, fractions, problem solving, and fun science.

Here you can find a nice collection of origami ideas that you can try right away.

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Yes, indeed crossword and picture puzzles can be great tools to improve your concentration. While crosswords improve attention regarding the way in which letters and words are put together, picture puzzles – in which you have to look for things that are ‘out of place’ within the picture or look for objects that are hard to locate – improve focus and visual concentration. Moreover, puzzles can be a fun way to entertain and have fun together with the entire family.

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Missing numbers

Maybe one of those games that is also suitable for children, missing numbers is absolutely great when you have 2 purposes: to improve both concentration and numeracy. You simply have to count and those around you should say which number is missing. You can increase the difficulty of the games, choosing the way you want to count: multiples, backwards etc.

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The story telling memory game

This one is absolutely delicious! And it’s fun when you play it with your friends. Sitting in a circle, a person begins the story using an idea, a sentence of their choice. All the players take turns, repeating the sentences and adding a new one. If someone misses a word, that person is out. Only the person who says the story without any mistake wins.

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Don’t finish that word

There is also a similar Romanian game called Fazan. Don’t finish that word game is about spelling out letters without completing the whole word. First,  a person selects a letter and says it aloud. The other players add letters and try not to finish the word. For example, if the first one says the letter “B” and the second player says “O”, the third player doesn’t want to add the letter “Y”, because then the word would be completed. So, if the third player adds an “O”, the next player can challenge the second one saying the word “boot”. Then, the second player loses a point. The game will continue in this manner until a point level is reached.

More games and suggestions that improve concentration here.


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