Do you give back to your community?

By on September 6, 2016

What do you think about using education to give back to your community?

I believe that volunteering, in any circumstance, is a valuable way of discovering new things about yourself and making a difference in the world around you. This is why today I propose to you 5 ways to use your education to give back to the community:



Gaelle Marcel


First you should find a school or community center where you can volunteer your time to help kids. Your gesture will be highly appreciated especially in poor neighbourhoods, where families and schools lack the necessary resources to hire more teachers or tutors. After you just start doing it, you’ll feel how rewarding it is to tutor others.

If you just don’t feel to go to a school or community you can just do it with younger brothers or cousins or with your neighbours’ children!

Nursing homes

Jake Thacker

Jake Thacker


It is well known that keeping the mind active it is one of the most important ways to fight age-related dementia. So, another way to use education to give back is to head to a local retirement center armed with crossword puzzles and other fun games to help an elderly person have fun and stay sharp.


Madi Robson

Madi Robson


I strongly believe that one of the most powerful experiences in life, is volunteering in nonprofit organisations. Moreover, we already know that nonprofits of all kinds always need volunteers. So you should just look for one that matches your interests: Do you want to change something in the educational field? Feel strongly about women’s rights? Are you interested in human rights?

National movements



I really believe that national movements like Let’s do It are initiatives that can mobilize hundreds of people in order to change something! This types of projects are usually settled with one or more years or many months before so you can subscribe in advance, schedule the day in your calendar and do something good for your country in that day!




Peter Hershey

If you ask any teacher you will be surprised to find out that he is always looking for help in the classroom. Whether you have a special skill or just want to share some basic knowledge, just look for a local teacher who’s willing to let you sit in on her or his classroom for a couple of hours. I somehow tried this during my experience with Teach for Romania and I have realised that any kind of help like this is incredibly valuable especially for the children!

So, what do you think about using education to give back to your community? Do you do this? If so, how? Please share your thoughts with us! 🙂

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