Little and big twins

By on January 26, 2017

I have always been fascinated by twins! And not because I do not have a twin brother or sister, but because they are inseparable beings.

Mythological brothers

Like the mythological brothers, Castor and Pollux who were twin brothers, known as the Dioscuri. They were Zeus’s sons, allied in every heroic feat and always ready to protect each other. This is, maybe, one of the most positive, united, and communicative aspects of twins, being so united. Moreover, they have a “superpower”, being a role model of what a fraternal love means.

Another interesting fact is that the ancients gave their names to the pair of bright stars, that, along with other less visible ones, make up the constellation of gemini, in which they are depicted as two embracing children.

Twins, today

Today, we tend to imagine that twins are so similar, that they even think the same, prefer the same food, colors, have the same options for clothes etc. So, we actually tend to overlook the conflictual aspects associated with twins, despite the fact that they are sometimes very obvious similar in appearance, but different and even opposite in some situations, in character.

A very important aspect is that twins are often bonded by their own exclusive language based on expressions dating back to earliest infancy and a very strong sense of empathy, which, in many situations, is enough to keep them in close contact throughout their lives.

About the physical resemblance

This is, probably, the most surprising aspect of twin children. Sometimes it is emphasized by dressing them identically from head to toe. Attired in the same way, with the same hairstyle, the two children could confound practically anyone, expect, of course, their mother, who is an expert in spotting all those minimal, but important differences that confirm that every child is unique. And indeed every child is unique!

In addition to all these ideas, I come up with a short photo gallery with twins. I actually love this twist of being so similar, but so different, in the same time and I do believe that twins’ life is something unique through its nature.

by Donnie Ray Jones


by Donnie Ray Jones


by Skeeze


by Kangheungbo


by Adina Voicu

BY Kangheungbo

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