“Mama” in the world

By on March 5, 2017

This article is more than a simple post. I want, through these lines, to send a message across mothers all over the world, and, especially to my mother which I value, love and appreciate more than I can express it through simple words.

The importance of mothers

“The foremost essential quality of a woman is motherhood.” – Ellen Key, Swedish author of the bestselling Century of the Child.

Throughout history and cultures the importance of mothers remains the same. In the same time, the experiences of mothers from one generation to the next has shifted drastically. Cultures, roles and societies have evolved. I believe that even though women’s experiences of motherhood changed from the last generation to this current one, their main role should remain the same. Here you can watch a video about how the experiences of mothers, grandmothers and daughters compare. 

What is important for mothers?

The international study conducted by Fisher-Price, asked more than 3,500 new and expectant mothers in seven countries about their hopes for their children’s futures. The most prominent question was “What is most important to you as a parent and why?”. It is absolutely lovely how the mothers’ responses, despite their diverse backgrounds, touched on a common theme: they all shared an unconditional love for their kids.

What is important for the world?

I believe that the world needs love. This love starts from the family, and the first and main source of it is mother love. In conclusion, we can admit that the world needs mothers. In my opinion, in order to really change the world, we need devoted and responsible mothers who love their children and educate them. Maybe this is the real start of change in the world.

We have even dedicated  a day for our mothers, a celebration honoring the mother of the family. You can read more about Mother’s Day around the world here.

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