Parental involvement in early learning/playing

By on April 28, 2017

Playing with colors

Actually, for children, playing represents the most natural behavior. I chose to share the idea of playing, because it is well known that playing encourages a healthy and balanced development and growth. Some boys prefer sports or playing with cars, whereas many little girls are continuously dressing and brushing the hair of their beloved dolls, while others prefer Lego games or elaborate train sets.

by Kelly Sikkema

Children develop most of their motor and communication skills through playing, which is also the best way of comparing themselves with the outside world.

“Good children” play

There are also moments when children believe that they play really nicely, but they actually don’t… For example, they make a mess or they write on the walls or knock over a bottle of perfume or make his/her little brother/sister cry by teasing them… These are special moments when they actually ignore all the rules.

by Abigail Keenan

Parental involvement

Children use all their physical, emotional and intellectual abilities during play, and can sometimes be extraordinarily inventive and energetic, especially when they are in the company of many others of the same age. Adults have the responsibility to channel all these energies in a better manner. Of course one of the factors that characterizes play and sport is the fact that they are regulated by a series of limits and rules; parents having the untold role to explain all these rules and factors to their children.

by Seth Doyle

There is a lot of evidence that parents do have a powerful effect on children’s learning. Studies show us that home learning environment, including parenting behaviors and attitudes, have a major impact on children’s learning outcomes. Another key factor in this play-learning process is that parents should play with their children from the very beginning, as fathers and mothers support their children’s learning through play.

by London Scout

Do you support your child’s learning process through play? You can find out more about studies and parents’ involvement in early learning by checking the online resources from your country.

And don’t forget – your child is learning, not only “playing”, so support him!

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