School days around the globe

By on November 18, 2016

I traveled a lot and, moreover, I met children from all around the globe, children of different school communities. I had the chance not only to meet these children, but to find out more about their classes, teachers and their school communities, overall. In some cases I had the chance to even be part of their classes for a short time. In other situations I have just imagined it and searched for more info on the internet.

A school day in Nepal –

There are some similarities that I have discovered and they are related to children, in general. No matter their nationality, beliefs or values, children are fired by an extraordinary curiosity and are capable of thinking up imaginative solutions to problems, even if this supposes inventing new, original strategies.

A school day in Pakistan –

There are schools where the structure of the classes and the teachers’ approach encourage creativity. These are, in my opinion, are one of the best examples of schools from all around the world. More about creativity and my beliefs related to it here. If history, geography and mathematics are taught in a creative, engaging way, children are engaged and captivated by all this information. This is the moment when the children perceive school as a friend and schools promote the development and self-esteem, using creative teaching methods.

A school day in Boston –

However, there is no doubt about it: one of the favorite moments of children worldwide is when the bell rings to announce the long-awaited break!

A school day in Japan –

You can find  below an infographic with main facts related to these school days around the world. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!


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