Time Management in Education

By on November 14, 2017

The thing with time management

Even though we talk about your classes as a teacher or your study program or the things you practice in your daily learning or the courses you attend in school or simply the books you choose to read, I find it important to have a look at the way you set these kind of priorities. The way you manage this priorities can change your perspective and, of course, the way you perform.

Moreover, I find it important to always have a back-up for yourself, for your time, for your soul and for your knowledge bank.

I don’t know if I have ever written about this subject, but I find it interesting in the nowadays educational context. Usually we want to do a lot of things and get involved in a lot of projects. But it is helpful? Do we manage to achieve the things we want to?

Below you can find some personalised checklists that will help you identify some key trends in your life regarding time management in (your) education that you can apply in your daily life and see how it works.

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5 signs you are trying to do too much


  • You start forgetting tasks –  yes, I know. Maybe you usually forget things, like I sometimes do, but you should notice that you forget more often than usual.
  • You often let others down – and not because you just want to, but because you simply do not have enough time to manage the things.
  • You feel over-stressed – you start having a sense of urgency for all your to do list and you are creating stressful situations for yourself.
  • You miss opportunities – nothing is worst that missing time-limited opportunities that you cannot get anymore. Usually, this happens when you do not keep up with your work.
  • You make promises that you can’t keep – when you start saying “I’ll come back with it today” or “I’ll have it done by X date” and you know this will never happen, then we have a issue. And that is that you are already do too much.


Top 3 things to think before starting a new task/project

  1. How much time do you propose to invest in this project?
  2. Is this project related to your core values?
  3. If it were the last day of your life, would it be worth an hour for this project?

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Innovate in your daily priorities

Yes, I believe it’s time to prioritise things in your daily life, to do a real to do list with those things that are urgent and important and another to do list with less urgent and important things and start focusing more on this that matter at the moment. When we talk about our personal life and goals, then the list with urgent and important things should be focused even more on things care are close to your core values, that matter the most to you. And they should remain your main focus no matter what.

I do hope that my thoughts were an inspiration or at least the start of a new way of prioritising those core projects that value the most. Good luck!

Inspiration: edutopia.org, timemanagementninja.co, unsplash.com

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