Unusual schools around the world

By on July 2, 2016

What means the concept of educational space?

The educational or learning space is, actually, the place, the context, where the learning process is happening. According to the latest studies, the aesthetics of learning spaces impact brain function and influence how students feel when they’re in school. Also, this aspect influences how students feel about their school. Every school manager should know that physical design of the classrooms in crucial for his or her students learning process. When you create an educational space you should take into consideration elements like: lighting, sound, fresh air, colors, the visual displays etc.

Here you can find an interesting article about the learning zones every classroom must have.

How does the culture influences the educational space of the school?

I was just asking myself if the culture of the country you live in influences in a way of another the educational space of the schools. I’ve started searching on the internet photos and examples of classrooms from all around the world. The result is astonishing. The economy and education level of the country have a huge impact on the way the classrooms and schools in general are designed and teach their students. In order to understand better the reality we live in, I’ve done a shortlist of the amazing “schools” you can find around the world.

Unusual schools around the world

India- Parents trying to help their children with their correct exam answers.

Unusual schools - amazyble.com

India – amazyble.com

India – School organized by volunteers for poor children.

Unusual schools, India - amazyble.com

India – amazyble.com

India – School are incredibly overcrowded.

Unusual schools, India - amazyble.com

India – amazyble.com

Indonesian village – Children and parents on their way to school.

Unusual schools, Indonesia - amazyble.com

Indonesia – amazyble.com

Colombia – Colombian school students every morning cross river Rio Negro.

Unusual schools, Colombia - amazyble.com

Colombia – amazyble.com

Nepal – Keeping classes outdoor.

Unusual schools, Nepal - amazyble.com

Nepal – amazyble.com

Nigeria – Floating school for poor children.

Unusual schools, Nigeria - amazyble.com

Nigeria – amazyble.com

Pakistan – Here most of the children support their parents working.

Unusual schools, Pakistan - theguardian.com

Pakistan – theguardian.com

Brazil – How does an Indian tribe school look like.

Brazil – theguardian.com

Brazil  – Teaching near the Amazon river bank.

Unusual schools, Brazil - theguardian.com

Brazil – theguardian.com

Afghanistan – Class of girls in an open – study area.

Unusual schools, Afghanistan - theguardian.com

Afghanistan – theguardian.com

Spain – A public primary school.

Unusual schools, Spain - theguardian.com

Spain – theguardian.com

Japan – First grade students and teachers before lunch.

Unusual schools, Japan - theguardian.com

Unusual schools, Japan – theguardian.com

Boston, US – The oldest public school in the US.

Unusual schools, Boston - theguardian.com

Unusual schools, Boston, US – theguardian.com

South Africa – Teacher with his class of grade 11 students.

Unusual schools, South Africa - theguardian.com

Unusual schools, South Africa – theguardian.com

Sources: amazyble.com, theguardian.com

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