Winter around the globe

By on February 20, 2017

I continue the “around the world” series with another article that will emphasize the importance of multiculturalism. I know that winter is almost over, but it’s not entirely over. So I would like to introduce some different perspectives of how winter can look, feel and entertain you!

Winter in perspective

Maybe one of the hardest things is to imagine that while some of us are weighed down by the snow, others around the world are overwhelmed by the heat, during the same season. Indeed, winter around the world is full of surprises and changes. Even more surprising is the fact that winter in the same region can change from year to year, due to global warming.

Winter wonderland


In Hawaii, January and February have fairly mild temperatures. This period is known for unpredictable and heavy levels of precipitation. Moreover, because of the weather conditions, waves are at their peak during this period, so international surf competitions take place during the winter.


Winter is a great season for visiting Vietnam! Given its position on the globe, its percentage of sunshine is restricted to approximately five hours a day. So, you should take advantage even more of every second spent here.


The months of December, January, and February correspond, in Cape Town to the austral summer, being situated in the southern hemisphere. As a result, this is the period during which they have their summer holidays, the climate being hot and dry.


Winters in Helsinki are tough, but not because of the cold (temperatures generally are low), but due to the lack of sunshine. For example, during January, the sun shines on average just one hour a day!


Three years ago, the city of Winnipeg recorded the coldest Canadian winter temperatures! Also, Canada is well known for low temperatures and large amounts of snow.


Hot water is frozen as it is splashed in the air in Harbin, (the capital of northeast China’s Province). Harbin has seen its temperature dive to -30 Celsius degrees.

My kind of winter

And these are only a few examples. More details about winter around the globe you can find here or here. Thinking of my kind of winter, I will always prefer snow. What about your kind of winter?



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